In June 2008, we built a solar oven during the workshop at Art Labratory Berlin, as part of my exhibition Transposed Nodes.
photos (C) Regine Rapp, 2008

In September 2006, we made solar ovens at a workshop as part of the Space on Earth Station project (which was part of Space Soon) at the Roundhouse in London.  Click on images to see a larger view.

We constructed numerous solar ovens in June 2006 at the Sandwich Technology School in Sandwich UK. The geodescic domes in the back are a part of a related project led by Lucy Stockton-Smith.
photo (C) Lucy-Stockton-Smith, 2006 photo (C) Lucy-Stockton-Smith, 2006
The solar ovens seen below are the ones I made in preperation for the workshop in Sandwich.

The ovens are made of cardboard and aluminum foil. The first two have a double layer of Vinyl over the top and a piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil and sprayed black at the bottom.

The second oven is similar to the first, only bigger.

The third oven works much better then the first two, it has a glass plate instead of vinyl, and the inner chamber has all the walls sprayed black. This oven cooked potatoes, zuchinni, and mushrooms with garlic in 3 hours. The potatoes were cooked all the way through and were very hot. This is the model we mostly worked with in Sandwich.